Incorporated in 1993, Drivelink UK Ltd rapidly expanded into the largest independent engineering rebuilder of aftermarket automotive front wheel driveshafts and precision C.N.C. reground C.V. joints in the UK. A policy of continual investment in leading edge technology has resulted in our manufacturing facility, based in Gateshead, England, developing as one of the most up to date, comprehensively equipped independent driveshaft and C.V. joint aftermarket regrinding facilities in Europe.

The significant additions to the product portfolio of manual / power steering rack and pinion in 1997, power steering pumps in 2000, and power steering boxes in 2003, all remanufactured and tested to the highest quality standards, emphasizes the ongoing commitment to quality product growth by the company in recent years.

The basis of the company is built upon engineers with a wealth of experience in manufacturing processes, combined with quality sales personnel, many who have an extensive, long term history in the UK Automotive Aftermarket.


Drivelink’s main sales route is through developed partnerships with large national distribution groups, both in the UK and mainland Europe, where Drivelink benefits from their efficient logistical transport network which gets product to all levels of the automotive aftermarket.

Since the addition of our latest series of universal track grinding machinery, which significantly increases production capacity, we can offer a high quality regrinding service to other driveshaft/CV joint rebuilders across Europe.

The high degree of accuracy and repeatability in track tolerances and surface finish has attracted specialist OE manufacturers to our grinding service, producing new components suitable for the highest performance levels.

Through our Autosport and Performance division we produce bespoke driveshaft configurations directly to the specialist marketplace for all levels of autosport, four wheel drive and off road vehicles.